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Bringing mindfulness home

Aromatherapy Associates x Unicorn

About the Project

Aromatherapy Associates sell natural oil blends in the major retailers of 45+ countries, including John Lewis, Space NK, Boots and spas such as Champneys. They had gathered a large database over 30 years, but didn’t have an email marketing strategy to engage with their contacts. 


Objective: To re-engage Aromatherapy Associates' large database of inactive contacts ahead of the enforcement of new GDPR regulations.


 The Big Idea: Analysis of the data highlighted that the majority of contacts first discovered the brand in a Spa setting. Coinciding with the launch of their newly-released De-Stress Kit, we were able to create a meaningful content strategy that positioned the new kit as an 'at home spa' with engaging tutorials and 'how-to' guides. 



The campaign launched the De-Stress Kit with a series of videos inspired by spa treatments, each centring on a product in the range.

Connecting with the customer with meaningful content

We created a series of videos demonstrating how to use various products to ‘bring the spa to your home’. The videos offered a menu of treatments that could be performed on yourself or a loved one at home, reaping the benefits of spa treatments without having to leave your home. Each video tutorial centered on a key product within the De-Stress range, presented in a useful and therefore shareable format.

The impact


increase in email open rates



increase in email CTR to above industry average

increase in size of mailing list organically

Email Work Flows

The campaign was fully automated to ensure customers were sent targeted content that would interest them personally. Unicorn created several email work flows that delivered the video series with appropriate product recommendations according to consumer behaviour and content interaction.

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