The busy girls Instagram design - branded Canva templates!

✭ A consistent feed for beautiful and easy to create content 

✓ Save hours of time planning content

✓ Know exactly what to post


✓ Everything you need in one place

✓ Stay relevant with pre-populated wellbeing dates and social prompters

Agency-approved social calendar...

this is how WE do it ♫

We created this calendar for our wellbeing clients as a way to plan and create months worth of content in a super-easy-to-use format.

It’s been SUCH a success that we wanted to share it so YOU can benefit too!

Wondering if this will help you? If any of the below points apply to you then we know you’re going to find it SO useful!

This is for YOU if you...

✓ Struggle to think of regular social media content?

✓ Lack the time to keep your feed up to date?

✓ Find that daily posting without a plan leads to an unstructured, clumsy-looking feed?

✓ Having difficulty keeping content relevant to the mindful, wellbeing consumer?

✓ Need a format that’s easy to use and has everything you need all in one place?

✓ Are a purpose-driven wellbeing business owner looking to build your online presence

2020Social Media for Wellbeing Brands


Buy today for £250 (£187 with the Calendar)

What's included...


✓ List post

✓ Quote post

✓ Photo post

✓ Promo post

✓ 2x story backgrounds

✓ Photo story promo / event story

✓ 5x branded Canva elements


Once purchased, you will receive an email containing a Canva how-to-guide.

We will also send you an email with a list of questions 

Get yours for £250