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No filters needed for the #goodskingang

Instant Effects x Unicorn

About the Project

Objective: Instant Effects is a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand that is scientifically proven to deliver visible results in minutes. With a strong offering and up coming product launch, Instant Effects looked to transform their brand and transition from in-flight shopping to direct-to-consumer.

What we didUnicorn worked with Instant Effects to build an honest and meaningful brand identity, inclusive of age and gender. We developed digital assets, sales collateral and campaign marketing activity that resulted in the brand winning not one but two ECRM Buyers' Choice Awards - securing almost $1 million in orders following the awards, with an exclusive deal with the UK's leading pharmacy.





Instant Effects Photoshoot

moodboard / styling / casting / photography / post-production

No filters needed

The campaign featured women and men from all ages, celebrating their un-filtered, fresh and vibrant skin whilst having fun with the quick-fix products. Bubbles were used to emphasise the power of patented OX2 Technology.

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