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Pretty Athletic  x  Unicorn

Empowering women to sweat


The campaign



To increase traffic to the Pretty Athletic website, increase sales conversion and build their database.

What we knew

Following success in the retail sector (Waitrose and Holland & Barrett), Pretty Athletic were looking to leverage opportunities to grow their brand online.

Following a customer research survey, we identified four key customer profiles. These women all led active lives, but due to the nature of their workouts required different products to suit their active skin needs.

The big idea


We created an engaging online quiz that captured customer data and self segmented entrants into one of the four profiles we had identified.


This allowed us to personalise their product recommendations, marketing messages and direct mail inserts.


This greater understanding of each customer meant that we were able to resonate on a deeper level, resulting in higher conversion to sale.

The impact:





increase in website conversion

increase in traffic to the website

increase in weekly newsletter sign ups

The funnel in action

IMG_1835 (1).PNG

Ambassador Activation

We used a micro influencer approach to increase the reach of the campaign.

New ambassadors were gifted products suited to their skin profile and encouraged to promote the quiz and campaign themes.


Unicorn's creative studio managed and directed an ambassador and product photoshoot.


The refreshed brand visuals were used across all elements of the campaign to ensure consistency.

Social Media Overhaul

With Instagram being one of the major touch points of the campaign, Unicorn optimised Pretty Athletic's feed to drive traffic and engagement.



Email Sequence

On completing the quiz, users were automatically directed to a personalised landing page with a unique, profile relevant, discount code and product recommendations.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 13.24.58.png
IMG_1823 (1).PNG

This also triggered a personal email sequence, allowing Unicorn to nurture quiz entrants down the funnel to make their first purchase, with targeted and relevant messages.

Post Purchase Experience

Along with their purchase, customers received an illustrated card customised to their active skin profile.


This fun and informative card educated and delighted customers.

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