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Empowering women to sweat

Pretty Athletic x Unicorn

About the Project

Objective: Pretty Athletic, having achieved success in retail with Waitrose and Holland & Barrett, aimed to expand their brand presence online. The campaign's primary goals were to drive more traffic to the Pretty Athletic website, enhance customer acquisition, and grow the brand's database.


The Big Idea: Unicorn spearheaded a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign. This included building a robust micro-influencer program that involved prominent figures in the fitness industry, such as Olympic champions, to extend the brand's reach. Unicorn also developed and implemented multiple full-funnel marketing activations, bringing the brand to life through story telling, engaging online quizzes, social media lives and quizzes. The campaign's 360-degree approach ensured a comprehensive and seamless customer experience, covering all aspects of the customer journey from product discovery, delivery and post purchase.

IMG_4936-4 copy.jpg





The campaign featured the new Pretty Athletic brand ambassadors who became authentic faces and voices of the brand, as well as ambassadors for the products and for the campaign.

Segmented customer journeys and workflows 

The campaign centered around an engaging and relevant quiz, where data was collected in order to segment the customer journey accordingly. A targeted and layered social media ad strategy was implemented to generate reach alongside influencer outreach. 
The campaign creative was coordinated across all customer touchpoints, from social media and emails through to the website and parcel inserts. 

The impact




increase in traffic
to the website

increase in website conversion

increase in weekly newsletter sign ups

Uncover your pretty athletic side

Using brand ambassadors as models for the Unicorn shoot provided authenticity and relatability. Further to using the images for Pretty Athletic's own use, ambassadors used the images on their own platforms which aligned and amplified the campaign creative. 


The photoshoot itself provided an opportunity for the brand ambassadors to meet and engage with each other, creating a rapport between them that continued online after the event and further strengthened the authority of the brand. 

About the Photography and Design

The campaign media was created with shots from a product photography shoot and an 'ambassador' model shoot. This was combined with graphic design and typography elements.


Colour played a strong role in theming the segmented 'fitness categories', so #PrettyOutdoorsy retained an aqua theme on imagery, quotes and graphic design elements, whereas #PrettyYogi could be quickly identified through pink tones. This remained consistent on landing pages, emails and social media. 


Outdoorsy_Collection copy.jpg

"Such an exciting campaign to be working on! Can't wait for you all to see it and get involved 😍 There really is nothing better than being surrounded by driven, intelligent and empowering women 💪🏼💗 

@martena_fit / Brand Ambassador / Pretty Athletic

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