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Building a community with PRIME

PRIME x Unicorn

The Client

A brand new social enterprise; PRIME offer 5-aside football to men of 35+ years of age. Approaching Unicorn with just one location and an ambitious growth plan, Unicorn were excited to support such a socially impactful brand.




The Strategy

With the goal to drive event attendance, Unicorn designed and implemented a full digital strategy.

Phase 1 - Funnel set up

This included Facebook ad strategy framework and an email sequence which would nurture leads through to attendee on-boarding.

Phase 2 - Measure

This phase established the key brand metrics (CPA, CPL lead time, ad performance) This data formed an infrastructure for all activity and a launch strategy was built for the new venues from this.

The impact




reduction in CPL
(cost per lead)

reduction in CPA
(cost per attendee)

reduction in ad spend required to reach launch attendance target

Phase 3 - Optimise

Through monitoring ad performance and adjusting ad creative and audiences throughout the campaign, we were able to optimise the ads for ultimate delivery.


Within six weeks the CPA dropped by 90%, meaning that ROI was realised immediately upon second session attended.

Phase 4 - Scale

A fully comprehensive and data-driven launch strategy was generated for PRIME to launch in multiple new parks. This strategy determined budget requirements, ad structure (format, creative, audiences) and full CRM journeys for every new venue.

"Thank you! I had a great time. Just what I was looking for. You are an amazing team."

#The Striker

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