CRM Amplifier

CRM Amplifier


Price: From £240 per month


So you've started to collect customer data, but are you using it to improve your customers' experience? We'll work with you to optimise your customer journey; nurturing customers from discovery through to purchase and continuing to build the relationship post-purchase. 

"Unicorn helped us to develop our CRM system and customer journey by creating a comprehensive funnel architecture with a clear customer journey. This included creating a series of well-designed and engaging customer emails which encouraged promo code redemption at different stages of their journey."

Alex | Founder, ONIGO



"You are genius! I've been trying to write emails that are more 'punchy' and will appeal more to my audience for years and years.

These are absolutely perfect and I can't wait to track the results! THANK YOU!"

Kate Plowright | Founder, Selling Savvy

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