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The Marketing Funnel for Unicorns

Is your marketing funnel leaking potential customers? Discover how you can sprinkle some magic back into your funnel with our diagnostic guide for Unicorns.

9 minutes reading time        |        Incl. infographic and funnel diagnostic guide

If you'd like to get people to buy your product, you'll need to understand how they make buying decisions. Buying decisions take time, in fact Google recently discovered that your customers will spend, on average, 7 hours contemplating a purchase before hitting the all important buy button (read more about Googles 7-11-4 study here).

The Marketing Funnel for Unicorns illustrates the set of steps that your customer needs to go through before they are ready to buy your product. By taking your customer through the funnel step-by-step, you'll ensure that they have the content they need, when they need it and how they need it. In turn, carefully measuring the success of each stage in the funnel helps you to see where your potential customers are leaving and so where you may need to focus your efforts (use funnel diagnostic guide below for tips on fixing your funnel woes).

Funnel Diagnostic Table

Funnel Diagnostic Guide for Unicorns

Use the symptoms below as a guide to unlock where you may be experiencing weakness in your own marketing funnel and discover some super practical ways to ensure more of your customers make it through to the end of the funnel (yaaaas).

Symptom: Your'e engagement is high but nobody's checking-out.

Diagnosis: Your potential customers are leaving the funnel at the consideration stage

Your customers are savvy and are looking for evidence that your product will deliver the results they need. You can help them through the consideration stage by:

  • Highlighting a great customer review

  • Sharing a video of an influencer using your product

  • Writing a blog that explains why your product is better than alternatives

Symptom: You're experiencing high abandoned basket and website bounce rates.

Diagnosis: Your potential customers are leaving the funnel at the purchase stage.

Your customers are busy people, decision fatigue is real and attention spans have become shorter than ever. You can help them through the purchase stage by:

  • Ensuring that your checkout process is quick and effortless

  • Automating abandoned basket emails with incentives to complete check-out

  • Using scarcity and time-bound tactics to prompt action

Symptom: You're reach is high but no one seems to be engaging with your content.

Diagnosis: Your potential customers are leaving the funnel at the Awareness stage.

With so much choice and noise online, it can be hard to stand out. Remember, attention spans are short and in order to grab the attention of your target customer you'll need to speak to their needs and desires with targeted messaging. You can help them through the awareness stage by:

  • Upgrading your visuals to attract attention

  • Using phrases that are trending and that your target market associate with

  • Segmenting your audiences to ensure campaigns can be better personalised to the needs of a specific group

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