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3 of the BEST purpose-driven brand campaigns of 2021

Updated: May 16, 2021

Our favourite brand campaigns deliver value beyond simple functional benefits. People expect a whole lot more from brands they choose to shop today; we're looking for brands that share our values and know what's important to us.

Here are 3 of our favourite purpose-driven campaigns of 2021.

1. Clarks Original x FanGirl - #InHerShoes content series

Clarks mission is to make shoes make a difference. In their latest campaign, #InHerShoes, directed by FanGirl founder Rani Patel, Clarks collaborate with a series of inspiring black female creatives, celebrating black women and their stories ahead of women's history month - and we’re here for it!

Things we love about this campaign:

  • The campaign is bold and opens the door for important conversations whilst creating space for black women in front of and behind the lens

  • The campaign is value-led, helping Clarks connect deeper with customers and new audiences who may have otherwise looked past the heritage brand

  • Recognition - all creatives involved in the campaign, from set designers to makeup assistants were tagged into social posts

  • Visual - powerful statements printed onto custom designed tees make the campaign easy to share

  • Social-first stories were hosted on IGTV to extend social reach

2. Bumble x Patch Plants - The ‘Love Fern’

On valentines day, newly public, female-focused dating platform Bumble partnered with online plant store Patch Plants to invite users to send one of 100 free ferns to a love connection via the app.

Things we love about this campaign:

  • For their chance to win users were asked to ‘match’ with Patch Plant on the app, drawing people to the app and the profile - genius!

  • Relevancy - because who hasn’t appreciated the comforting presence of a houseplant as a replacement for much needed human connection during lockdown… highlighting plants as a meaningful gesture in a time with limited ways to connect

  • Perfectly aligned - the playful copy cleverly aligned both brands seamlessly

  • This collaboration allowed both brands to extend their reach in a way that was fun and did not feel like marketing

  • Scarcity - with only 100 plants up for grabs, a sense of urgency and exclusivity was created, bringing awareness without clearing out the warehouse...

3. IKEA - Fortune Favours the Frugal

IKEA's latest campaign highlights small actions that we can all take to be more eco-friendly in our day to day lives. Their creative series of videos and ads explore the concept of being Frugal - a phrase they are reclaiming in a positive way to emphasise the importance of shopping sustainably!

Things we love about this campaign:

  • The campaign showed IKEA’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions to help to tackle climate change

  • Multi channel - the IKEA campaign was activated across all online and offline channels, driving a consistent and repetitive message in formats native to the platforms on which they were delivered

  • Urgency - the meteor of rubbish in the one-minute ad emphasises the urgency of the matter of climate change

  • Transparency - IKEA demonstrated integrity by supporting their campaign with a sustainability focused landing page where they share their plans and ambitions for being a fully ‘circular’ business by 2030

Let us know your favourite purpose-driven brand campaigns in the comments and don’t forget to join our #FlyOnlineClub by following us on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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